Games Like Jurassic Story

Here is a list of games that are similar to Jurassic Story.


Dragon Story™


In Dragon Story, your dragon pets will be represented by color for each element type, green for plants for example. There are many different elements you can create from simply breeding your basic dragons, or breeding rare dragons! The amount of dragon species available is simply remarkable the more you breed.

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Dragon City


Hatch, Raise, Breed, Battle! That is the concept of Dragon City, a dragon pet platform that brings you the excitement of owning a collection of dragons from common, to legendary ones, each with their own element type and skills! What type of dragons will you breed for battle?

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Dragons World

Dragon's World8

Are you looking for a great game that you can play with your friends? Dragons World is a great place to socialize in a safe environment. You can chat, help your friends complete goals, build amazing homes for your dragons, as well defeat the evil that is trying to destroy what you create.

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon4

Available on iOS devices, you can breed to try for rare dragons, each one has an element type and a personality of its own. With over 12 elements, there are many rare ones that you can breed! They also have unique skills and powers based on the type of dragon you breed, are you ready for an adventure?

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon9

Join Roco on an amazing adventure in Haypi Dragon. Here you are going to start battling evil and deadly creatures that are destroying all the good in the world. Train your dragon and yourself to improve your skills and abilities. Earn rewards for every battle you win and banish the evil from the world.

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School of Dragons

School of Dragons7

How would you like to have your own character in How to Train Your Dragon? Now you can in School of Dragons. Join Toothless, Hiccup and the whole crew as you learn all you can about dragons. Earn cool items as well as special rewards for completing quests and tasks about Viking Village.

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This dragon pet game brings you the standard raising and caring for your dragon, as well as build, and improve a magic island which floats in the sky and your dragons live on. Breed dragons to increase your numbers and race them against other dragons to win prizes!

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