Games Like Dragons World

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragons World.

Jurassic Story

Jurassic Story1

Journey to a new world where you can raise your very own dinosaurs. Jurassic Story has great graphics as well as what you would expect in a pet collecting RPG. You will get to collect dragons and cute little dinosaurs. Raise them to be amazing creatures as well creating them a custom habitat.

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Dragon Story™


Available for download in the Apple store, Dragon Story allows you to breed your dragons in hopes of creating the big, bad Diamond Dragon! You can also purchase spells to craft a gemstone dragon for those who would like a dragon of their birth month. If you enjoy breeding pet platforms, you will love this one.

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Draconis Theory


Create your very own clan in Draconis Theory. This RPG has amazing art, interesting gameplay and it gives you more control over the outcome in the RPG. Create two dragons to begin with and begin your awesome journey. Battle other dragons as well as different creatures for awesome rewards and items.

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Little Dragons™

Little Dragons™11

Create your very own little world full of creatures. Little Dragons is a great breeding game that lets you breed and create your own types of dragons. Build them custom habitats as well as earn awesome rewards and items from completing quests and tasks. Watch your dragons grow in this adorable pet collecting RPG.

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Dragon Skies

Dragon Skies1

If you love racing and dragons, then you need to play Dragon Skies. Here you will race your own special breeds of dragons. You can race your friends and even people from around the world for cool rewards. Breed your very own dragon racers and create custom hybrids that will be on your team of racers.

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Spore Creepy and Cute

Spore Creepy and Cute

Who knew that evolution could be so much fun? Spore Creepy and Cute takes evolution and allows you to control it. Start out with a single cell organism and end up with space creatures. How you create and evolve your world will determine how awesome and unique your world will be.

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Dragon Village

Dragon Village1

How would you like to create your very own village full of magical and wonderful dragons? Dragon Village wants you to do just that. Hatch your dragons and watch them grow and evolve into mystical beings. Care for your dragon families and help the world grow to a whole new world.

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Dragon Legends

Dragon Legends1

Dragon Legends will have you taking down evil creatures as well as friends and foes. Train to become the greatest warrior in all the land. Complete tasks and quests in order to earn awesome rewards that will help you upgrade you and your dragon’s skills. Help your dragon to become a great and powerful creature.

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon6

If you’re looking for a pet dragon platform that brings you dragons with unique personalities, powers and skills then you want Magic Dragon Village! You get to breed, farm, battle and more so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. Available on iPhone and iPads, you can play on the go!

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Dragonvale brings you an unusual pet platform as it also has a role playing game feel. You take the role of a island creator, dragon owner and breeder, and a racer! You will breed dragons to raise, then race them against others. But remember, the sky island can only hold so many dragons unless you expand it.

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Dragon City


There are 150+ dragon types you can create from breeding, when you start you have to hatch a baby dragon and raise it. Once grown, you can then breed with other dragons, each time you have a chance to hatch common, rare or even legendary dragons with different elements. Then take them into battle and show how strong your pets are!

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My Pet Dragon


There are people out there who have a huge dream to own their very own pet dragon. My Pet Dragon will allow you to do that. Dragons have captured imaginations and thoughts throughout the years and you now have the chance to make your dream come true. Select a dragon and care for it as you would your very own pet.

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School of Dragons

School of Dragons7

Hiccup and Toothless are back and they are bringing the whole gang from How to Train Your Dragon with them. Get ready for a whole new type of adventure. Become a viking and select your dragon and go to school, School of Dragons that is. Here you will learn everything you need to know about dragons and how to tame them.

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Dino Storm

Dino Storm3

Take down mean outlaws with laser guns and dinosaurs. Dino Storm brings a whole new meaning to the wild west. You are a cowboy armed with awesome laser guns and you ride dinosaurs to capture outlaws. Show off all your skills as you battle the outlaws who keep getting on your bad side.

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Dragon Pals


Dragon Pals has everything that you would want in a great RPG. Choose your very own character to being your amazing journey. You can play as a mage, archer, or warrior. Explore the world and battle some deadly creatures in order to get rewards and special items that you can use.

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