Games Like Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon.

Stormfall: Age of War


In this Facebook strategy platform RPG, you will will be able to go at it hardcore, grinding and completing various tasks and more. Being story driven, it has a great storyline for you and helps keep you entertained and excited as you advance through it. The graphics are pretty cool as well!

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Jurassic Park™ Builder

Jurassic Park™ Builder

If you are a fan of Jurassic park, or dinosaurs in general, and want a new strategy game for your iPhone or iPad, then Jurassic Park Builder may be for you! You will find DNA samples from the prehistoric dino’s, then you get to create, and design your surroundings as well!

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A fast paced, multiplayer strategy platform that gives you that bird’s eye view from above as you control a dragon through every match! Each match randomly put’s you into a different environment so it does not get boring. You can also burn villages, collect gold and gems, and much more!

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Dragon Story™


In Dragon Story you will start with a couple basic dragons to raise, which you can then begin breeding and creating new dragon types. Each with an element represented by color, such as red for fire. Collect coins for different tasks that can be used in the shop to purchase various island upgrades for your dragons!

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Dragon City


Do you like to battle dragons, is there something about the concept that just excites you? With Dragon City, you will start out buying dragon eggs to hatch, raise them to be big and strong and you can then match them with other dragons. Need a new dragon type? Try breeding different dragons together to see what type you can create!

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Dragons World

Dragon's World7

Join a world that is all about being unique. Dragons World has amazing and unique dragons that you can breed, train, and even battle. Collect hundreds of different dragons  and breed them to create amazing new dragons. Be sure to care for them so they can grow into magnificient beasts.

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon2

Join Roco in a mission to save his world. Haypi Dragon will have you battling a bunch of different types of creatures as well as train Roco and yourself to become great fighters and an amazing dragon trainer. Earn special rewards and cool items from battles and completing quests and special tasks.

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Journey to the world of Draco and meet the awesome little dragon that is named after this wonderful game. You and Draco are going to need to train hard and battle a lot in order to get rid of the evil that is destroying the world. If you think you are up for the challenge, then give Draco a try.

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Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is more than just a breeding strategy game. It is about multi-tasking. You will need to build a great kingdom, as well as defend it from attacking tribes. You will have to give people jobs, and hatch and raise your very own dragon in this great and amazing land.

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Do you want a single dragon, or multiple dragons? The choice is yours in Dragonvale, but the more dragons you have the larger habitat that is required. You will need to expand your magical sky island to house more dragons. Breed them to create different dragon types and race against others to show them off!

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon3

Introducing Magic Dragon Village, a game available for iPhone and other smart devices that brings you adorable and colorful dragons that have their very own personalities, and colors based on their element type. Breed them together to create new dragons, with many activities you’ll have a bunch of fun!

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Dragon Legends

Dragon Legends2

Dragon Legends is one of the greatest pet collecting games that you can play today. You will have a similar experience if you compare it to other games of its genre but you will notice that this one definitely stands out. You will breed different types of dragons to create your own hybrids, collect new dragons, build a great village, and even battle some deadly opponents.

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Jurassic Story

Jurassic Story3

Who knew that dinosaurs could be cute and cuddly. Jurassic Story lets dinosaurs come alive and it is up to you to raise them. Collect hundreds of different creatures as well as make some of your own creations. You will need to care for them as they grow, build awesome parks, gather a lot of food, and have a lot of fun.

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Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs1

Dragon Eggs has wonderful graphics, which may be the first thing you will notice. The gameplay concept is a simple one, but still challenging at times as you have to keep your dragon egg safe while avoiding enemies, or defeating them to reach the end of each of the levels. Do you have what it takes to keep the egg safe?

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Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons4

How would you like to create the strongest fortress in the world, with the help of dragons? Battle Dragons wants you to come and play. You will create your own fortress, expand your lands as you conquer other people’s worlds, grow dragons, and even cause a few fires. Battle other people as well as deadly creatures in this one of a kind game.

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