Games Like Dragon World

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragon World.

Dragon Story™


What is your favorite dragon element? Dragon Story allows you to build on to your dragon’s little island and breed various types of dragons, and you may possibly be the one to breed the ultimate Diamond Dragon! Begin breeding dragons in the den and start your pet adventure today!

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon6

Fight evil with your dragon partner Roco, defeat evil dragons and various bosses as you train Roco to be strong and powerful. You can also win various weapons and abilities! The graphics are interesting, and the levels will keep you entertained for hours! There is also a PvP arena if you prefer to battle others!

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Dragons World

Dragon's World11

Fight bosses, or other against other people in this battle RPG. You have to train and make your monsters stronger so they can defeat your enemies easier, with over 400 different monsters to choose from, you will not get bored playing Dragon World. Each monster is connected to a certain element as well.

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Dragon Tear


Dragon Tear is an easy to play, RPG available for free on Facebook. It will snatch your attention and you may even get addicted as you build an army of adorable, yet dangerous creatures, fight, do quests and more. The gameplay dynamics are straight forward, simply start capturing creatures to tame and train!

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon5

If you have ever dreamed of a place where dragons ruled and you could capture them, breed them and more, then you’re dreams are going to be reality. You have a village of magical dragons that have their own personalities, you get to train them for battles and each dragon has unique abilities to make them more interesting!

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Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity7

Are you looking for a great way to spend your spare time or looking for a place that allows you to battle for cool rewards? Dragon Eternity has all that and more. Not only will you get to battle, but you also get to have your very own dragon companion to help you during battles or quests.

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War of Dragons

War of dragons3

Join War of Dragons for a great RPG that will have you gaining experience and nabbing rewards at every turn. Battle your friends or enemies and build a great and powerful fortress. Gain allies or make enemies. Take down other peoples fortresses and become the most powerful ruler in the land.

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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul4

There are over two dozen types of dragons in this RPG, each dragon has abilities unique to its self which gives you the option of choosing which type is best for you during battles. Cross breed dragons to create different types. Train your dragon to be stronger as well so your dragons are ready for battle!

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Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon

Dragons of Atlantis13

This is a great RPG where you are rebuilding a town that has been destroyed by a great and powerful evil force. It is your job to help secure the land and protect the dragons as well as rebuild everything that has been demolished. Become a great ruler in a land of chaos.

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Dragon Fable

Dragon Fable

Join a great RPG that will allow you to kill nasty and vile monsters as well taking on several different quests. Dragon Fable is the long awaited sequel to the amazing AdventureQuest. Even if you don’t want to purchase any exclusive member stuff, you will have a great time playing.

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Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure quest worlds2

This is a great spin-off RPG that will have you destroying any enemies that stand in your way of having the ultimate title of Warrior! Adventure Quest Worlds is unlike any other RPG that you have ever though to play. You will destroy monsters, upgrade weapons and skills, and take on boss creatures.

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