Games Like Dragon Village

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragon Village.

Dragon Story™


Dragon Story is a platform that allows you to both breed, and build. You will get to build your own dragon island where you get to breed all kind of colorful dragons! Each dragon has an element type, shown using a color such as blue for water. Once you have experience, you can create some really cool dragons!

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon5

There are over a dozen types of elemental dragon types in this amazing RPG available on iPhone and iPad devices from the Apple store. Free to play, you can breed, but also do many other things such as farm and enter your dragons into battle to show off all their skills and powers, do you have what it takes to be victorious?

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Dragons World

Dragon's World12

Dragon World brings you into just that, a world filled with 100’s of monsters! This is an online battle platform with an RPG touch as you fight against other people, bosses within the game and do quests. You have to work at increasing your monsters strength so they can be the best monsters out there!

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon4

In this RPG you are able to win various weapons, even powers that will increase your strength. You can play solo, or with friends as you and your dragon Roco do quests, fight bad dragons and protect the realm from harm. Train your dragon to be strong so it can take on more experienced foes.

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Dragon Eternity


Are you ready to begin the greatest battle of a lifetime? If you are, then log into Dragon Eternity. You will go up against some of the strongest creatures and monsters as well as NPC’s and other people from around the world. If you think that you got what it takes, then be sure to grab your dragon buddy for a little extra help.

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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul3

This is a dragon fantasy RPG that is available for download on the Apple store that brings you dragon breeding, training and of course fighting! Be ready to cross breed your dragons to create new dragons, and train them to be powerful so you can defeat opponents with ease during battles!

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Dragons of Atlantis


Journey to a new land where you will have your very own tribe as well as a very awesome dragon. Dragons of Atlantis is a great RPG that allows you to build a city as well as battle other tribes and people. Select your tribe and begin building. Create an amazing city while you care for a new dragon.

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Dragon City


Start out with the basics, you will learn how to build new homes for your dragons, the bigger their habitat the more you can have! You will also buy, and hatch eggs, which you then raise to start breeding dragons! Your pet goes through several different levels as it grows, and the whole concept of breeding, to fight your dragon against others!

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Do you like to show off your pets, do you want to show off pet dragons? Dragonvale lets you do just that! Breeding is key to obtaining more dragons for your collection, or your races. Once you have the dragon you want, raise and care for it. Once it’s strong and ready you can then race it against others!

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