Games Like Dragon Tear

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragon Tear.

Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul5

This is a dragon fantasy RPG that is available for download on the Apple store that brings you dragon breeding, training and of course fighting! Be ready to cross breed your dragons to create new dragons, and train them to be powerful so you can defeat opponents with ease during battles!

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Dragon Pals


In this dragon themed RPG, you will have an adventure where you enjoy being able to choose a character, which you can use to explore the very mysterious world of Dragon Pals. You will locate many different mystical creatures and fight monsters, collect rewards and even dragon souls that can be used later.

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon5

This RPG offers many different options and features for you, from doing quests with your dragon partner, training Roco, the dragon will increase it’s strength for defeating various bosses. You can also battle others in the PvP arena, or take on the bosses with friends in a group to make things even more interesting!

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Dragon Eternity


Choose your own player as well as your own dragon in Dragon Eternity. Gather all the parts of the special amulet and get an awesome reward. This great RPG will keep you busy and you will notice that there are actually two different games all in one place. Choose your kingdom and begin your journey.

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Draconis Theory


Choose the type of dragon you would like, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water or Chinese and begin your awesome adventure in Draconis Theory. You can customize everything about your dragon. You will train the dragon, battle monsters, and earn cool rewards. You can even create a clan that will give you the upper hand in battle.

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon2

If you want a pet RPG with an unusual style of gameplay, try Magic Dragon Village and be a dragon breeder, a farmer, even a battle expert! That’s right, you can take your experienced dragons into battles once they are strong enough and have learned how to properly use their abilities. How epic will your battles be?

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Dragons World

Dragon's World1

Battle other people or monsters in Dragons World. You can make new friends and visit them and even give and receive gifts too. Breed different types of dragons and have a blast doing so. You can create special , one of a kind dragons and battle them for awesome rewards.

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War of Dragons

War of dragons11

War of Dragons offers more game-modes that most RPG’s. You have tangled war, duel, or group combat.  Each combat mode will give you a chance to earn awesome rewards and items and possibly make a lot of new friends or enemies while you play. Journey into a land of fun and battles in War of Dragons.

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Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon

Dragons of Atlantis14

Save Atlantis from the evil that is destroying it. This is a new and great RPG that will allow you to not only breed new dragons but also rebuild what has been destroyed in Atlantis. You can battle other players or neighboring cities and protect what you have left of your beloved town.

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Dragon Island Blue

Dragon island blue4

Catch over 200 different types of creatures in Dragon Island Blue. Earn soul gems from battling, training, and more. You can use your soul gems to upgrade your equipment , abilities, or to make your fights better. You can become the worlds greatest monster trainer while you look for your father and the answer to why dragons are overrunning the world.

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