Games Like Dragon Skies

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dragon Skies.

Dragon City


With so many pet platform’s out there, they can start to seem the same. This is where Dragon City comes in, with the concept of a dragon is only as good as it’s breeding. Because breeding is the main concept of Dragon City, there are well over 150 various dragon types that can be created by breeding different dragons together!

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Dragon Story™


Welcome to the great Dragon Story, where you start out with some dragons, some land, and build on to both! As you collect dragons and collect in-game currency, you can expand your land by purchasing new areas. Breed your dragons to increase your collection, and try for rare or legendary dragons!

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Dragon Legends

Dragon Legends2

If you are looking for a great game to keep you entertained for hours on end then look no further. Dragon Legends will have you collecting dragons, breeding new hybrid dragons, creating your own village, and battling all your enemies and some friends. All the features are better than what you are used to.

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon3

Looking for an easy to play role playing game that brings you the ability to train your dragons, cross breed for rare dragons, battle them and even do some farming? Magic Dragon Village offers all this, and more as you play you’ll always have something to keep you entertained and busy!

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Dragons World

Dragon's World6

Join a new and adorable world of magical dragons. Dragons World is a very unique pet collecting game that will have you doing more than just breeding your dragons. You will be building a lot of things while you battle other players or monsters. You will create a new and magical land for your pets.

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Take down the invaders that want to destroy your wonderful world. Draco is a little dragon that shares a name with the great RPG that you will be playing. Take down your enemies, build amazing structures and buildings, earn rewards and so much more when you take the time to create a better world.

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Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons7

Get to building your own great and powerful fortress in Battle Dragons.  Start building your fortress and choose from over 40 different types of buildings to help create a strong structure. Collect special items to help finish quests and destroy your enemies fortresses with fire from your amazing pet dragons.

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Jurassic Story

Jurassic Story10

Journey to a world of wonder and have a bunch of fun. It is time to start breeding your own dinosaurs and dragons. All the creatures are super cute and the come to life in this new and interesting pet collecting game. You can gather food , build special parks, and watch your creatures evolve.

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Little Dragons™

Little Dragons™6

If you love cute and fun art then Little Dragons will make you want to play. You can breed dragons and have a lot more to do than just breed them. You have to build special habitats, collect dragons, and care for them as if they were your actual pets.

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Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs5

Are you the protective type? In Dragon Eggs, you have to protect your dragon egg as you fly through different puzzling levels, many can be very challenging at first. The ultimate goal is to reach the end, a safe house for you to hatch your egg. The journey to get there however, will not be an easy one. Are you ready?

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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul2

Dragon Soul gives you a pet dragon platform that isn’t a straight to success RPG, you will have to spend time and work your way up to success as you breed your dragons. Raise and train them to be big and strong so they are powerful in battle. Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of breeding and training?

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon5

Get ready for training in Haypi Dragon. You have an awesome dragon named Roco that you will train, upgrade, and so much more. You will need to complete certain quests, train Roco and yourself, and destroy all the dangerous and deadly dragons that are in the world. Become a great dragon trainer in Haypi Dragon.

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Dragon racing and dragon breeding, two things that sound exciting to you? Dragonvale allows you to breed your pet dragons to create new dragon types. Then, instead of the standard fighting of dragons, allows you to race them against other dragons! Raise your dragon to be the fastest dragon of them all!

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Dragon Village


Dragon Village gives you the chance to watch your dragon family grow. Customize a special world that is just for them as you protect not only their home but them as well. Breed new types of dragons, help them grow, train them, and get creative. The more dragons you have, the better your world will be.

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Dragons of Atlantis


Pick your tribe and begin your journey. Dragons of Atlantis is all that and a bag of potato chips when it comes to a great breeding RPG. You will hatch a dragon, raise it, while you build a great and powerful city. You will battle enemies, expand , and even have certain things like a lumber mill, mine, and a quarry.

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